Tricks to Help You Overcome the Daylight Savings Blues

We love that time of year when fall rolls around, but when the change in seasons brings with it a change in our clocks via Daylight Savings Time, we find ourselves less-than-enthused by the shorter, somewhat drearier days that come with setting our clocks back. Of course, like with most situations in life, overcoming the Daylight Savings blues can be as easy as changing your daily routines to make for mornings, afternoons, and evenings that feel more fulfilling and less like they’re getting lost in the (super) short days. Here, we give . you a few key ways to keep your mood in good shape post-Daylight Savings.

Make fitness a priority.

We get it – with the day getting shorter and the outdoors getting darker earlier, it can be tough to drag yourself to the gym after a long day at work. But research has shown that making time for working out – even something as simple as a brisk walk in the park – can instantly boost your mood (those endorphins, people).

Spend your evenings cooking dinner.

We’re all about spending your Sunday evenings meal prepping for the week ahead, but when the shorter days of fall and winter have you feeling a little down in the dumps, you might want to skip the Sunday prep and instead spend your weeknight evenings cooking up a storm. Why? Giving yourself something productive to do at night (especially when 7 p.m. feels and looks like 10 p.m. and a lack of anything to do might result in you calling it a night way too early) is a good way to keep yourself busy. That in turn will help you relax by showing you that you’re not really losing potential productivity hours (even if you lost hours on the clock).

Give yourself something positive to look forward to.

On a similar note, finding other fun ways to fill up your evenings can be a good way to make sure that . you don’t feel like Daylight Savings Time is making you miss out on all that much but shortening the days. Make some plans with friends to meet up after work for drinks, or plan a movie night with family to wind down on a Sunday night. The key is to focus on planning things that you can feasibly fit into your schedule without setting yourself up for having to change or bail on your plans.

Stay hydrated.

When fall rolls around, you no longer have the heat of summer to remind and motivate you to drink water throughout the day. That can be a major problem for your mood, since dehydration has often been linked to feelings of fatigue and agitation. Keep yourself from falling victim to the mood-sabotaging effects of dehydration by setting reminders on your phone to sip on some water throughout the day.

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