April 2, 2016

‘South Park’ Season 20 Has A Premiere Date That’s Sure To Make The Presidential Election Memorable

Make sure you stock up on Cheesy Poofs, because the crass kids of South Park will be back for season 20 on Sept. 14, 2016. Comedy Central has also renewed the network’s most popular series for three additional seasons until at least 2019.

South Park is coming off an amazing 19th season that tackled such topics as gentrification, PC culture, and Yelpers. The show, written and created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, made its debut on Comedy Central on Aug. 13, 1997. Back then, Bill Clinton was in the White House, the Spice Girls were taking over America, and JNCO jeans were worn by every wannabe cool kid, including this one right here. Nineteen years later, a Clinton wants to be in the White House, the Spice Girls are talking about a reunion tour, and JNCOs can now be purchased again, but hopefully like me you’re out of your pre-teen angst phase so you wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair.

For close to two decades, South Park has provided social commentary at a lightning pace. Known for their one week to air style, it wasn’t until 2013 during season 17 when Trey and Matt missed a show deadline due to a power outage. This past season, there were pre-planned dark weeks where no new episodes aired.

I’m not spreading any rumors, but I strongly believe that we’ll be watching the South Park gang well into the ’20s. If not, you can kick me out of my chic apartment at the Lofts at SoDoSoPa.


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