Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ Is Coming Back to Movie Theaters This Weekend

Prince was a musical genius, but he was also so many other things. He was a style icon. He was a baller. He was a breakfast lover. He was a great thrower of dance parties. He was also a movie star.

Prince’s 1984 rock musical Purple Rain isn’t just the most ’80s thing ever, a cult classic ironically beloved for its over-the-top ’80s-ness, it’s actually a great film that was a certified hit that brought in $68.4 million at the box office (a hefty sum at the time) and earned Prince an Oscar for the movie’s soundtrack.

Now, in the wake of the iconic musician’s death, theaters across the country are offering an opportunity to the movie on the big screen for the first time in decades (aside from the random one-off showings that have popped up now and then).

Deadline reports that the film will be shown in more than 160 theaters. AMC theaters began showing the film tonight and it will run in 87 of their theaters for the next six days. Carmike Cinemas will show the film in 80 of its theaters, beginning April 23.

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