Microsoft Introduces the Surface 3

Microsoft continues to chase the crown with the latest addition to the company’s line of in-house tablets. Although these are not the only tablets on the market running Windows software, this will be the first to run the full version, making the device more like a laptop than any of its predecessors or competitors. Users will receive the added bonus of a free update to the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. At 8.1 mm depth the Surface 3 is still a bit chunkier than the iPad Air 2, which boasts an impressive 6.1, although it does provide standardized USB ports.

The Surface 3 will go on the market May 5 at Microsoft retailers worldwide for an attractive $499.99. In the meantime, watch the promotional advertisement below.

[youtube id=”vPto6XpRq-U” width=”600″ height=”350″]