Drinking Four Cups Of Coffee Before The Gym ‘Helps You Burn MORE Calories’

Scientists have long noted that coffee boosts performance, however it was thought that you’d need to abstain beforehand in order to benefit.

However, the study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology claims sipping coffee everyday will still produce positive results.

Researchers at the University of São Paulo quizzed 40 competitive male cyclists about their regular caffeine intake and split them into groups.

The men were asked to ride as hard as possible until they had burned 450 calories – a task designed to take about 30 minutes.

An hour before they cycled the group were asked to swallow a tablet containing 400mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to about four cups of coffee.

Afterwards they found the riders had completed their ride 3.3 per cent faster on average compared to when they had no pill.

In another trial they were asked to take a placebo and in that instance they performed 2.2 per cent faster.

For athletes these results could shave seconds of a race time that could lead to a world breaking record.

Also, the results found the cyclists who normally consume large amounts of caffeine had the same boost as the light coffee drinkers.

Bruno Gualano, a professor of physiology and nutrition who carried out the research, said: “No matter the habitual caffeine intake in the diet, acute caffeine supplementation can improve performance.”

Dr Gualano noted that the study sample only involved young fit men and women would still need to be tested.

The findings also contradict recommendations by doctors who say that more than one cup a day can increase cholesterol levels and the risk of heart attacks.

However, the general advice is that four or five cups of coffee a day is safe, around 400mg of caffeine and half that for pregnant woman.

The Food Standards Agency says there is no limit set for healthy individuals and recommend a balance of drinks and a sensible, moderate approach to coffee-drinking.

It comes after recent research found that drinking five cups of coffee a day could slash the risk of liver cancer in half.

While the research found coffee will boost your workout, it’s worth noting the nutritional benefits of protein before you ditch the shakes altogether.

Protein helps make up the structure of every cell, tissue and organ in the body and are important for muscle production.

Without an adequate amount muscles don’t heal as quickly and could lead to injury, according to bodybuilding.com.

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