Here Are The 10 Happiest Cities In Florida

We’re pretty happy to be living in Florida, but have you ever wondered if moving to a new city could make you happier? According to research done by the site, people in these cities are the happiest cities in Florida. The site took into account things like crime rate, income, housing, and commute time, just to name a few. Check out this list and see if you agree:

10. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has so much going for it, you can see why it’s such a popular destination. There’s so much to do here, you would never be bored. This is especially true for those who can to take advantage of the city’s canal system.


9. West Palm Beach

Residents love this city because there’s always something fun to do ,something delicious to eat, or somewhere great to shop. They get to experience a South Florida lifestyle with lower home prices than the bigger cities to the south.

8. Clearwater

This region of Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, excellent restaurants, and better housing costs than the cities we previously mentioned.


7. Pembroke Pines

This city near Hollywood offers stunning wildlife, good income opportunities and an awesomely low crime rate.

6. Gainesville

You might think this city in North Central Florida is just for college students, but this is actually not the case. Everyone can appreciate the short commute times in this very walkable city. Housing costs are very affordable, and there are plenty of nearby natural attractions to explore.


5. Tampa

The Tampa area has plenty of culture, history and fun attractions for folks of all ages. Plus, residents of this city have some of the best restaurants in the the state to choose from.


4. Cape Coral

Cape Coral has an excellent crime rate, a lot of interesting local landmarks, and much lower housing costs than nearby Fort Myers.


3. Tallahassee

Turns out our state capital is also a pretty happy place. Folks here enjoy very reasonable housing costs and short commute times. Florida isn’t exactly known for its spectacular change of seasons, but you can see that Tallahassee looks pretty beautiful in the fall.

2. Jacksonville

1. Coral Springs

This young city in Broward County is growing fast, and it could be due to word of mouth from some pretty happy residents. The crime rate here is very low, the median income is high, and the housing costs aren’t too outrageous for the area. Congratulations, Coral Springs!


Do you live in any of these cities?

What cities in Florida do you think should have made this list?

Leave your comments and let’s discuss.

Travel: The Ultimate European Road Trip

Dr. Randall S. Olson is a Senior Data Scientist at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Biomedical Informatics with a passion for all things data. He’s used this love to compute optimal road trips. Already done is the best drives in the USA, and now you can check out his latest creation—the ultimate European road trip. Olson’s road trip across Europe covered more than 16,000 miles of pavement through Austria, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Denmark and a good portion of the rest of Western and Central Europe. The itinerary was built to check off as many locations as possible from the Business Insider “50 Places In Europe You Need to Visit In Your Lifetime” list, so expect to dedicate at least three months to the total trip because it includes a solid two weeks of driving. Olson also put the code up with an open source license so you can customize your trip as you see fit.

Travel: This Hotel Shapes Your Vacation Around Your Horoscope

“Your glow is bound to attract all sorts of wonderful things and delicious people. You’re lit up from within right now.” If I were to design a vacation out of today’s horoscope, I’d probably stop by the Sydney Opera House and then eat my friend Josie before I spontaneously combust—probably due to the Australian heat.

A new, boutique hotel in Sydney, Australia is shaping vacations just like that, astrologically. It’s called The Ultimo, and it’s the world’s first astrology-themed hotel. From the rooms equipped with astrological literature, artwork and even slippers to the unique city guides curated to your sign, The Ultimo aligns your vacation with the zodiac.

Because it’s Gemini season, here’s how the hotel recommends a Gemini spend their Sydney trip. “Born with the need to communicate, Gemini is the sign of the social butterfly.” Following The Ultimo “Explorology” guide, Gemini vacationers should, “Belt out some tunes at Dynasty Karaoke right next door to The Ultimo; head to Oxford Street and lose yourself at some of Sydney’s best bookstores, Berkelouw Books; and cure your curiosity and take a Captain Cook cruise around Sydney Harbour.”For food, they should consider: The Local Mbassy, a 1920’s boiler-room-inspired cafe; Golden Century for some seafood; and the underground bar Palmer & Co.

This entire analysis is curated by the hotel’s astrologer Damian Rocks, founder of the organization Stars Like You and a resident of Australia’s morning talk show circuit.

Astrology-packaged rooms start at $229 per night, which is roughly the price of an hour consultation with Damian. So if you’re feeling on edge or in the midst of an existential crisis, The Ultimo might provide some direction … now the only problem is reaching Australia.

Travel: The Spirit Of Shackleton Antarctic Voyage

Embarking from Ushuaia, Argentina, the Spirit Of Shackleton Antarctic Voyage is a 21-day excursion that lets you explore some of the most beautiful, unspoiled land (and water) in the world. On the trip, you’ll visit Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and the island of South Georgia, where Shackleton ended up after escaping the wreck of his crushed ship. In addition to all the wildlife you’ll encounter, you’ll also learn more about the area via lectures given onboard your 134-passenger expedition ship, and hopefully return home with a greater appreciation of life in the polar region.

Airlines Dropping Cuba Routes Amid Lower Than Expected Demand

When U.S. airlines were fighting it out last year to win approval for flights to Cuba, they were no doubt expecting Americans would be rushing to airports under recently-loosened rules for personal travel to the island nation. But that demand hasn’t been as robust as expected, prompting two domestic carriers to drop a few routes to Cuba.

Silver Airways has made “the difficult but necessary” decision to halt all its Cuba service on April 22, reports the Miami Herald, giving up its dream to eventually fly routes to all nine Cuban cities (not including Havana) that the U.S. has authorized for commercial flights. The airline will continue to monitor the situation, however, and “will consider resuming service in the future if the commercial environment changes.”

Frontier Airlines will be dropping its Miami to Havana flight on June 4 because costs have been higher than expected while demand has been lower.

“Market conditions have failed to materialize there, and excess capacity has been allocated to the Florida-Cuba market,” the airline said in a statement.

So where are all the travelers? One factor could be that tourist travel is still not allowed: If you’re planning on traveling to Cuba, you must qualify for one of 12 categories, including visiting family, working as a journalist, official government business, or others.

Some of the shine may also be off the idea of visiting Cuba now that it’s no longer banned by the government.

“This lack of demand coupled with overcapacity by the larger airlines has made the Cuban routes unprofitable for all carriers,” Silver said in statement.

Other airlines are adjusting as well: JetBlue has put smaller planes on its Cuba routes, notes the Herald, and in February, American Airlines dropped three of its 10 daily flights from the country.

TSA Introducing New, More Invasive Pat-Down Method

The next time you go through a pat-down at airport security, things might be a bit different: The Transportation Security Administration has a new, more invasive pat-down procedure that some travelers might find unusual. To that end, the agency is warning local police departments that they may see an uptick in reports related to these up close and personal examinations.

The TSA calls the new physical pat-down method a more “comprehensive” physical screening, reports Bloomberg, and says the change is intended to slim down the various pat-down procedures from five methods to one.

On the TSA website it currently states that screeners “use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body. In limited cases, additional screening involving a sensitive area pat-down with the front of the hand may be needed to determine that a threat does not exist.”

Security screeners will now use the front of their hands on a passenger in a private screening area if another screening method shows there may be explosives, reports Bloomberg, citing a security notice from the Airports Council International North America to its members last week.

The agency is now proactively warning airport officials that people might find these new patdowns odd, notifying employees of “more rigorous” searches that “will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before.”

“Due to this change, TSA asked FSDs [field security directors] to contact airport law enforcement and brief them on the procedures in case they are notified that a passenger believes a [TSA employee] has subjected them to an abnormal screening practice,” ACI wrote.

Will the average traveler notice a difference?

“I would say people who in the past would have gotten a pat-down that wasn’t involved will notice that the [new] pat-down is more involved,” a TSA spokesman told Bloomberg.

Make $12,000 Traveling the US and Drinking Beer

World of Beer is back with another Drink It Internship that will give you the opportunity to make $12,000 traveling the US and drinking beer. If you’ve never visited a World of Beer location, the selection of craft beers, food, and the staff’s expansive knowledge show why the name works. It really is a world of beer. And what better company to fund three interns travel and beer experiences than the company that’s all about sharing the global story behind the beer? Hit up the Drink It Intern section of the World of Beer site below to submit your entry, and then cross your fingers you get chosen to explore, share, photograph, blog and try new things while still getting paid $12,000 for something that shouldn’t be considered work. Applications are due by March 26th, so you have around three weeks to create your magnum opus and get it to World of Beer.

Travel: The Walled Off Hotel

Banksy is famous for his social commentary. His latest statement arrives not through a piece of street art, but instead an actual business. The Walled Off Hotel sits just feet away from the wall that separates it — and the rest of Bethlehem — from the West Bank of Palestine. It currently has ten rooms, customized with artworks by Banksy, Sami Musa, and Dominique Petrin, and ranging from the barracks-like “Budget” to an ornate “Presidential” suite. The hotel bar is decorated with security cameras and slingshots, and should you need reminding of the point of the whole thing every room offers “views” of the wall just steps from the front door.

This Travel Company Will Pay You To Take The Trip Of a Lifetime

If you’ve ever gotten the “travel bug“, you know that sometimes lack of money can get in the way with your world adventures. But, what if someone actually wanted to pay you to travel? That sounds like a dream scenario, right? One that certainly requires an advanced degree or years of travel blogging experience. Actually, it doesn’t.

European travel company Busabout is currently “recruiting for the best job in the world,” and that might be the understatement of the century. The company is searching for two people to travel throughout Europe, hitting up all the hot spots, while vlogging about their experiences. The only requirements are that you can work together as a team, produce daily videos of your shenanigans, and actively use social media to show the rest of the world your globe-trotting journey.

Not only will they pay to send you on this crazy adventure, they’ll cover all of your travel expenses, too. This includes flights from the US and all hotels. You even get a daily stipend for food and some extra cash after the trip is completed. They are literally paying you to have the time of your life. Can it get any better?

The two available positions are “Brand Ambassador” and “Video Producer.” Applicants for the first job should be pretty good at explaining their experience to a broad audience, be a decent writer, and be a “natural in front of the camera.” If you feel like the other position is better suited for your skills, you should probably already know how to use a video camera.

You should also be creative and have the ability to think up interesting video ideas. Nobody wants to see you sitting in a hotel room explaining all the fun you had that day, they want to actually see what you’re getting into.

The trip itself will last roughly 180 days and you need to be available from April to September 2017. During that time, you’ll get a chance to visit some of the oldest and most beautiful castles in Europe, check out the breathtaking views in the Swiss Alps, and even raise a stein or two at Oktoberfest in Munich. Read that again: They’re going to pay you to go to the biggest party in the world!

If you feel like you’re a perfect fit for either of these jobs, you’d better get your application ready. You can find all the details here. Thinking of applying? Do it! There could be much worse ways to spend your summer.

Travel: The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip

If your furry friend is your best friend, you simply cannot go on a cross-country road trip solo. Amy and Rob Burkert understand this, and thus they took it upon themselves to create the “Ultimate Pet-Friendly Road Trip” so that you and your best buddy (or buddies) can enjoy a journey together without fear that one of you may have to wait in the car while the other gets to savor the scenery.

On, the Burkets formuated the perfect road trip to take with pets; it covers 48 states and includes a pet-friendly attraction in each. To test it out, Amy and Rob will be spending the next 10 months trekking it themselves with their dogs, Ty and Buster. “Each selection had to represent the spirit of that state and, in combination, they needed to communicate the diversity of pet friendly adventures to be had across the country,” said Amy in a blog post on the website.

From the kickoff on the beach in Carmel, California, to the final destination of Portland’s Parks and Gardens in November 2017, the adventure is nothing short of diverse. The only possible repercussion of this trip is that your dog may feel he is too cultured for your local dog park after frolicking through the National Mall in D.C. and the Biltmore Estate Gardens in North Carolina.