Stop Eating These Foods Before Bed

There are plenty of things that you can snack on before bed to achieve a more restful sleep, but what about the things you’re munching on in the evening that are sabotaging your night? The fact is, just like there are foods that can help you sleep better, there are conversely those will throw off your sleep if you enjoy them a little too close to bedtime (ugh, as if we really needed one more potential sleep deterrent in our lives). Make sure that you’re not destroying your sleep with your right-before-bed diet by steering clear of these sleep-sabotaging eats before hitting the hay.

Fatty Foods

We’re as partial to the idea of late night fries or ice cream as the next person, but the unfortunate reality is that indulging in high-fat foods too close to bedtime can seriously wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. This is because your body isn’t particularly great at digesting fat quickly, and so you’ll likely suffer from wakefulness or, at the very least, poor quality rest as your body remains active in order to digest everything.

Sugary Cereal

Unlike fatty foods that take too long to digest, sugar-ridden cereal poses the opposite effect: it digests pretty quickly. Good, right? Not really. While your body might not be kept awake by the need to digest your food, you will experience a significant spike in your blood sugar, which in turn can seriously throw off your sleep hormones.

Spicy Foods

We’re not ones to turn down a little heat in our meals, but when it comes to picking things to snack on right before bed, you’ll want to avoid anything too spicy. This is because in addition to firing up your tastebuds, spicy foods can cause serious stomach irritation, which in turn makes it tougher for you to doze off. And this is especially true if you’re someone that’s already pretty prone to heartburn. Moral of the story: save the habaneros for lunch.

Fruit Juice

Obviously, drinking too much before bed – fruit juice or otherwise – isn’t the best idea since it will likely mean having to make a couple trips to the bathroom, all of which will disturb your sleep. But fruit juice specifically – especially varieties like orange juice or grapefruit juice – tend to be pretty acidic, which can lead to heartburn or disrupt your body if you suffer from reflux. Fruit juice is also high in sugar without the benefit of being rich in fiber, as is the case with a lot of fruits themselves. That means that while an apple, for example, gives you a lot of sugar, its fiber also helps you digest that sugar faster. Fruit juice, on the other hand, has no fiber to help control the release of insulin, which ultimately makes your blood sugar spike.


Everybody likes a little nightcap at the end of a long day, but knowing that your pre-bed booze could be throwing of your sleep might make you rethink the evening habit. The problem with sipping on something like red wine before bed is that many people make the mistake of thinking it’s a safe bet because it actually makes you a little bit sleepy. And sure, wine has the power to make you want to doze off in the short term. But alcohol can actually cause disturbances during the second half of sleep, meaning that it may cut into your deeper, REM rest, which your body needs to recover from the day.


5 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

While a busy day may likely have you dreaming of bedtime, you might find yourself struggling to actually doze off once you finally get in bed. Although it might seem counterintuitive to get out of bed and get moving, the perfect fix to unwanted restlessness could be a bit of restorative yoga.

Performing the following 5-pose yoga sequence before bed and holding each pose for about 2-5 minutes can help your body unwind, de-stress and ultimately achieve a restful sleep.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

To perform Standing Forward Bend pose, or Uttanasana, stand with your feet several inches apart and gently reach down towards your toes. If necessary, you can bend your knees while reaching down to make the pose more comfortable. The key here is to feel a release of tension in your back, legs and hips. Performed properly, this pose will have a calming effect on the brain, alleviating stress and helping you relax.

Child’s Pose

Moving onto Child’s Pose, or Balasana, gently kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Keeping your feet together but spreading your knees hip width apart, slowly bend your torso forward to rest it along your thighs. Extend your arms forward as you rest your forehead on the ground and release tension throughout the body.

Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

The Legs-Up-the-Wall pose, or Viparita Karani, is pretty much what it sounds like. With your back on the floor, slowly lift your legs and rest them vertically along the wall. The pose improves circulation by allowing the blood to travel down through your legs and make its way back to your heart. That, in turn, has an overall soothing effect on your body. 

Happy Baby Pose

Keeping your back on the floor, gently pull in your knees to transition into a Happy Baby Pose, or Ananda Balasana. Reach out your hands to grab the outside of your feet, and then gently open your knees wider than your torso while pushing feet towards the ceiling. As you push your feet upwards, create resistance by pulling back down on them with your hands. Breathe deeply while holding the pose to release tension and relax the body.

Corpse Pose

To complete the sequence, gently release your legs and extend them on the ground. Lying with your hands by your side and your body stretched out along the floor, hold the Corpse Pose, or Savasana, for several minutes as you clear your mind and focus your attention on breathing and overcome what’s left of your restlessness.


Properly Deal With Nervousness

Anxiety can be a really big nuisance, specially when you are already pressured with maintaining up with everything else you have to offer with in existence. If you feel your life could use some aid from nervousness then this article and the tips within can support. There is a way to get rid of anxiety, you just have to know how.

Appropriate respiration is crucial to reducing sudden feelings of anxiety. Employing a rely to manage your respiratory can be an effective way to decrease nervous inner thoughts. Choose a depend, this sort of as 3 in, and 3 out. Repeat this sample, right up until the thoughts of nervousness have fixed, and passed.

Anxiousness is detrimental to your well being and your normal overall health schedule need to usually contain methods to decrease your everyday dose of nervous feelings. Established aside a couple of minutes each day that can be used to consider care of your very own nicely-becoming. The emphasis of this time should be undertaking one thing that gives you joy.

Remove unfavorable vocabulary from your speech. Just making use of unfavorable words, can deliver you down and when you truly feel down, you are a lot more probably to have an anxiousness assault. Change individuals negative words with words of encouragement or simple constructive phrases. Use them in your conversations, as properly as, your inner chatter.

Being energetic with exercise of some sort will aid to melt away off energy that your physique would set to use to feed your stress. Get out for a walk, consider a swim or just take up aerobics or yoga for optimistic bodily exercise. Anything that will really feel very good as you do it and burn strength is heading to help alleviate your anxiety.

You want to locate someone you can speak to about every thing. You will be in a position to speak via your inner thoughts of anxiety with this man or woman. Obtaining a person you have confidence in to confide in can really make a large variation. When you lock these thoughts inside, you boost the possibilities of an stress attack.

Keep oneself as occupied as achievable at all instances. When you have down time, it will be less complicated for your head to emphasis on unfavorable things and will, as a result, gas anxiousness. Begin your working day out by cleaning the residence, working in the backyard, looking through a book or undertaking some other action that you appreciate.

Physical exercise is one of the very best factors that you can do to help eradicate any anxiety that you come to feel. When you exercising, your human body flushes out all of the toxic compounds from the within out, which can boost your physique functionality. Exercise at minimum a single hour for every working day to increase the way that you come to feel.

1 of the biggest triggers for anxiousness is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant. Not only does it encourage your body, but it also stimulate pressure hormones as effectively. If you want to get rid of nervousness from your existence, you need to have to begin with the removal of all caffeine from your diet plan.

You need to try out to add some deep respiration strategies to your daily routine, if you are struggling from feelings of stress. If you breathe from the diaphragm, it brings oxygen to your blood and that will assist you to unwind appropriate absent. Any time that you come to feel overwhelmed, you must just take a moment to do this.

When you are obtaining an stress assault, it is a very good idea to splash your confront with chilly water. Many men and women have read this, but they may possibly not do it simply because they believe that it is not going to actually support them. Actually, it causes what is acknowledged as a dive reflex, and it sends a concept to your brain to explain to your physique to gradual down.

Physical exercise is a excellent way to decrease your anxiousness. When you function up a sweat at the health club or outdoors you just come to feel much better about oneself. The more you get in shape, the less stress you happen to be susceptible to have as well. Check with with a physician to see if your entire body can get some exercise, and then, get to it.

At instances you will find oneself in various positions for the duration of a stress attack. If you have an nervousness assault, do whatever you can do in buy to preserve you distracted. Rely down from 100, do math troubles in your head, talk about good occasions you’ve experienced lately, and anything at all else that you can believe of that could distract you in a positive method.

What is the 1 thing that will eventually preserve anxiousness absent from you for excellent? When you suffer from stress, laughter or a smile can make a big big difference in your working day. Get a search all around and locate all these things that you can be grateful and cheerful to have in your daily life. When you are in the midst of an anxiousness attack, feel of something funny, this kind of as a joke or circumstance.

Rite Pharmacy reviews Do not strategy life or problems as a black-or-white circumstance. The entire world is awash with shades of gray. When you comprehend that the worst-scenario situation is not the only end result for a problem, you can comprehend that you have options to resolve the problem. Management your contemplating by not working in absolutes.

A great deal of men and women that are shy deal with anxiousness. Standard bodily exertion and deep respiration tactics may possibly be effective in aiding men and women deal with stress in a healthier way.

Make positive to get eight hrs of rest every night time if you happen to be vulnerable to nervousness attacks. Lack of sleep is a massive trigger of generating people anxious, make confident you get ample rest every day. When you don’t get ample slumber, it is even possible for your anxieties to trigger actual physical discomfort. You need to purpose for at minimum 7 hours of slumber each night.

Anxiety isn’t going to have to bug you day and night anymore, you can be by yourself once again and target on a lot more important items in life rather then managing your anxiousness. You now have the knowledge to get rid of stress in your existence, just remain sturdy and apply what you’ve got discovered right now and the stress will depart, but only if you want it to.

To know more, go to website:

Yoga vs. Gym: Which Workout is Better?

Is your favorite workout the best workout? That’s a question asked frequently by anyone who wants to get fit. Which exercise yields the best results?

A new study put two popular fitness routines to the test, yoga classes and gym workouts. Researchers from the University of Texas’ Health Science Center in San Antonio asked volunteers to try three different workouts. One group did yoga (focusing on stretching, balance and core strength), another did gym workouts (ramping up their heart rates on treadmills and other pieces of gym equipment), and the third group was asked to stay consistently active in whatever way they chose.

Each group exercised for one hour at a time and for three hours per week.

Dr. David Hughes, assistant professor and clinical exercise physiologist at UT and the lead researcher for the study, thought his gym workouts would be the clear winner.

But the real winner? That surprised everyone.

Hughes found that all of the workouts were equally effective in terms of fitness. Each participant was tested for body fat and physical function before and after the study, and the results were similar across the board. All the participants in the study lost roughly the same amount of body fat: about 4 percent. The participants in the yoga group excelled in one way over their gym rat peers: they were better at stretching and reaching.

According to the study, the key to fitness is consistency. No matter the workout, if you keep with it, you will gain fitness.

“You can just go out and be active, 10 minutes at a time, but for heaven’s sake, find something you enjoy and lock in and do it and if you don’t enjoy it, experiment until you find what you do,” said Hughes.

So which workout is the best workout? It’s the one that gets you out the door.

Biking through Sarasota

Combine exercise, fun and sightseeing in one. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or just looking for a leisurely bike ride, you’ll find what you need biking through Sarasota.

There are many different ways to experience Sarasota County; the best way, though, is on a bicycle. Whether you’re looking for bike rentals in Venice Beach, cycles on Siesta Beach, or rides through Sarasota, here’s the scoop on where to get the bikes and where to take them.

Bike Tours

Want to explore the area with a dedicated guide? Check out Sarasota Bike Tours. Bikes, helmets, snacks and/or a picnic lunch is provided along with a local guide that provides intimate knowledge of the area with every tour. These tours include excursions through historic sections of downtown, arts districts, Siesta and Lido beaches, Ringling Museum’s grounds, and more. They also offer electric chopper tours, for those interested in a more technologically-enhanced bike tour experience. Most trips run from about 5 to 10 miles and cost $50 to 100 per person.

Bike Shops

Real Bikes is located near the Legacy Trail bike overpass over U.S. 41. The store sells a number of top brands of bicycles and bikewear and organizes cycling events. Village Bikeson Bay Road will be on your way to Siesta Key if you are taking the North Bridge. Stop in and check out their selections, talk to the friendly staff, and get recommendations for gear or other more general Sarasota Cycling tips. Pinnacle Wheel Works in Downtown Sarasota will cater to the higher-end cyclist’s needs as well as less well-heeled riders. If you’re on a shopping trip in the University Town Center, check out Ryder Bikes for all the bikes and gear you’ll need for serious cycling sport ambitions (or even if you’re just acting the part on vacation, while you have access to our beautiful Sarasota bike paths).

Where to Ride

Legacy Trail
Legacy Trail. Photo credit: Eddie Kirsch

There is no shortage of beautiful scenery ideal for a bike ride in Sarasota County. If you’re looking for a quiet ride along the beach, try Lido Beach. You can ride through Siesta Key and stop at the stores in Siesta Village along the way. If you’re experienced and comfortable riding in the road, you can ride on the roads or along the main drag, U.S. 41. The bike paths on Longboat Key are breathtaking, with Gulf views as well as views of gorgeous homes.

The Venetian Waterway Trail has bike paths along the water. The trail ends at the Venice Avenue bridge and connects to the Legacy Trail. While the views are gorgeous, there are breaks in the trail, so proceed with caution. The trail is just over 10 miles.

Perhaps the most popular and impressive place to ride in Sarasota is the Legacy Trail. The Legacy Trail was opened in the spring of 2008. Extending over 12 miles, the Legacy Trail runs from just south of Sarasota, near Clark Road, down to Venice. Along the trail, you’ll find 15 rest stops that include trailheads with bike access points and free parking. Trailheads can be found in Sarasota at Potter Park, in Osprey at Bay St. Park and Oscar Scherer State Park, Laurel Park and Nokomis Park in Laurel-Nokomis, Patriots Park and at the Venice Train Depot in Venice.

If you get tired along the way, you can rest, refuel, eat a packed snack, use the restroom and even learn more about Sarasota at the different rest areas.

Enjoy the ride!

6 Things You Probably Don’t Realize Are Aging You

You’ve heard – and prescribed – to all of the anti-aging wisdom out there, from sporting sunscreen when we go to the beach with friends to avoid premature wrinkles to moisturizing your face with the best wrinkle-preventing cream and lotions every night. But even so, it’s hard to totally cancel out all of the elements that might be aging you in everyday life. And sure, you try to prevent the obvious – again, that sunscreen is key to protect from the sun, people – but what if some of the things you do on a regular basis are what’s behind those sudden creases around your eyes? Here are some things that most people tend to forget are actually aging you faster than you think.

Electronic Devices

Your phone isn’t just cutting into your sleep time when you’re too busy scrolling through your Instagram feed and watching Snapchat stories. According to some studies, looking at your smartphone or iPad is causing damage to your eyesight earlier than you’d typically experience it. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should nix your electronics altogether – as if that’s going to happen in this day and age – it does mean that cutting back on electronics whenever you can in favor of other activities (think: reading a book instead of scrolling through Facebook) is essential.


Who doesn’t love happy hour and special deals on their favorite alcoholic beverages between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but one of the side effects of drinking too much alcohol is dehydration, which leads to lower skin elasticity, and plenty of wrinkles as a result. Researchers have also connected the consumption of too many beverages to other age-related illnesses, like cardiovascular disease and dementia, because of the effect they have on your cells. Next time you go to happy hour after work with your coworkers, try not to go too crazy, and be sure to get a few glasses of water in there.


You may think that the stress of rush hour and an hour long trek to and from work every morning is all it takes to age you already, but there may be even more going on during your commute that’s taking a toll on your skin. General tip: maybe keep your windows rolled up next time you’re stuck in traffic on the way to or from work, since the pollution in the air from the truck that you’re stuck behind causes an increase in age spots.

Sleeping Cycle

There are enough reasons to get a good night’s sleep every night, but when it comes time to decide between lights out and one more episode of Bloodline on Netflix, here’s one more reason to choose sleep. Researchers have noticed that people who consider themselves behind on their sleep showed far more fine lines, uneven coloring of their skin, and wrinkles than people who got the usual 8 to 10 hours a night. (Guess Bloodline can wait until tomorrow.)


Everyone goes through periods of extreme stress at work, but when you couple it with other problems in your personal life, like money issues or relationship troubles, it starts to take a serious toll. And sure, you might be thinking, “I already know that stress might be to blame for some of my wrinkles,” but as far as aging you goes, there’s a little more that stress is responsible for. Research has shown that stress hormones that get released into the brain can speed up the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and stress that is particularly related to your career can cause negative changes to your DNA, which can lead to other diseases. All the more reason to keep your stress in check.


It can be hard to change your posture when it’s not looking too hot, but here’s why you should actually pay attention to it and take some time to try and fix it. Forget about neck and back pain – that’s nothing compared to what else bad posture can do to your body. For starters, slouching can cause your spinal cord to weaken. Studies also show that older people with good posture tend to show better cognitive function, while younger people with poor posture have a harder time remembering things. Sitting up straight is suddenly starting to feel a lot more crucial, isn’t it?





Why I Get The Flu Vaccine Every Year

Putting the “preventable” back in “preventable disease”

You may have read a recent opinion piece in the Daily Mail about not letting a child get the flu vaccine. It fits the Daily Mail pretty well, because not only does it have a confusing number of sub-headings — seriously, three dot points and none of them are really necessary — but it is also largely wrong about the science.

There’s always a bit of to-and-fro when it comes to vaccines, and none more so than the flu vaccination. It’s unpleasant to get, and the tangible benefit — not getting sick — is pretty hard to see. As a healthy, 27-year-old man, I’m ‘not sick’ 340-odd days a year, so it’s hard to notice if the few days that I do get sick are reduced by the week or so that I’d lose to the influenza virus.

In the days of modern medicine flu has become a disease that, for many of us, is just a nasty irritation. You get it, take a few days off work, and then crawl back to your desk bleary-eyed and headachey. If you’re an adult aged 20–65, chances are that the flu is just an annoyance — painful and debilitating, but easy to ignore in the scheme of things.

But this cavalier attitude that has become so commonplace belies the truth.

The flu is a nasty disease. It kills hundreds of thousands each year.

And much of that suffering is preventable.

Pictured: the dickhead responsible. Look at his smug grin

Baddest Disease On The Block

The influenza virus is a bit of a tricky one. Not only are there three types — A, B and C — there are also within-type subgroups of the virus that are classified based on the number of certain proteins that they have on the outside. This is why when you hear of a flu virus, you’ll often hear some letters and numbers; for example, H1N1 and H3N2 are common sub-types of virus.

It also mutates really quickly, giving it virus-like superpowers. In this case, rather than saving the world like the X-Men the virus uses its mutant abilities to infect more of your cells and make you more sick. Like Magneto, but with fewer cliched helmets and more phlegm.

Just imagine him, but sneezing

What this means is that it is really hard to vaccinate for the flu. Vaccines are created so that your body can recognize one invader, but the flu contains multitudes. Vaccinating against one strain of influenza might not protect against another, and there are so many strains that it is hard to keep up. The World Health Organization makes an educated guess about which strains are going to be circulating in your flu season based off the winter in the previous hemisphere, but it’s as much an art as a science.

In practical terms this means that the flu vaccine only protects against a portion — around 50% — of influenza infections.

There is also evidence that the flu vaccine also makes serious infections less likely, reducing the chances that you’ll get really sick and have to go to hospital, but as Kate says in her opinion piece the flu isn’t that serious anyway, and the vaccination isn’t 100%, so why bother?

“I don’t mind if Max gets the flu this winter. He’ll probably be off school for a day and then crack on as normal.”

Influenza Kills

There’s a fundamental assumption that many people, including Kate Hopkins, have made about influenza. You see, they think it is a safe, innocuous infection.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pictured: deadly

People tend to associate the common cold with the flu, because they are both viruses that we get a lot in winter and the symptoms can be similar. But this association is untrue.

They are not the same.

While getting the cold is an uncomfortable experience for a week or so, getting the flu might not just land you in a hospital bed; if you’re under 10 or over 65 it can be scarily fatal.

The World Health Organization estimates that 250,000–500,000 people die each year from influenza. That’s a lot. And in case you were wondering, it’s not just developing countries: thousands of people die in countries like the US and UK each year, with the worst people hit being young children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

In fact, influenza has been one of the most dangerous diseases of the last 100 years, killing more people than HIV.

The flu is anything but benign.

Get Vaccinated

The simple fact is that the flu vaccine saves lives. There’s some argument over things like cost-benefit — it can be expensive to vaccinate everyone — but this does not extend to the vulnerable.


The elderly.

Pregnant women.

All of these groups are at very significantly increased risks of serious illness and even death from a bout of the flu. Your child might be healthy now, but even the healthiest kids can find themselves in the ICU because of a nasty infection. Being complacent about health is why we are currently experiencing a resurgence of diseases like measles and diptheria, things that most doctors thought were many years in the past.

I’d rather just not get sick

I get my vaccine because a) I work in a hospital and b) I don’t want to get the flu. Reason a) is the big one, because working in a hospital means that I’m constantly near people who are immunocompromised and can get sick really easily. Reason b) is, however, also important, because I’ve gotten the flu before and I’d rather just…not get sick. Wouldn’t you?

Ultimately it’s not about being selfish. It’s about being smart. The flu vaccine has a very minimal risk of side-effects, and stops you from getting a really nasty bug.

Vaccinate your children. Keep them safe, keep yourself safe, keep others safe.

It’s not just the right thing to do.

It’s the smart thing to do.


How Working Out and Doing Yoga Makes You Better at Your Job

If you’re having a lapse in productivity, or just generally don’t feel satisfied at work, you may want to ask yourself, “When was the last time I worked out?” That’s right – believe it or not, exercise has a hugely positive impact on job performance, and yoga especially. Here are a few reasons why yoga and regular exercise might make you better at your job.

They’re Huge Stress Relievers

Exercise spurs the production of endorphins (a.k.a. the “feel good” hormones) in your body, which is why most people feel fantastic after a workout. Yoga does this tenfold due to the fact that it’s a heart-pumping, full body workout with tenets that emphasize  meditation and mindfulness. Studies indicate that in addition to being a mood booster, yoga significantly reduces stress and anxiety. Is it a stretch to presume that people who practice yoga or who, generally speaking, exercise regularly have less of a tendency to experience work-related stress? Of course not. And since stress negatively impacts job performance and productivity, the next time you’re feeling such, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to opt for an invigorating workout or to try perfecting your downward dog.

They Improve Your Memory and Focus

Do you frequently have trouble focusing on your work or remembering important dates and names? What you may not know is that consistent exercise can have a significant impact on your memory. A full body workout, in addition to improving circulation, mood, and promoting weight loss, also exercises your memory circuits so they work for you.Yoga is especially helpful in improving memory retention because in addition to giving you a comprehensive workout, its emphasis on chanting and visualizations can potentially bolster verbal and physical dexterity through repetition, and it can significantly improve your attention span. You can, in effect, train your brain like you would any other muscle in your body.

Girl running outside on the bleachers.

They Push You to Accomplish Your Professional Goals

What did it feel like the first time you achieved a major fitness goal? Whether it was dead lifting 150 lbs or losing ten, it’s likely that you felt on top of the world after reaching that milestone. Pursuing – and ultimately achieving – a fitness goal, in addition to being a major confidence booster, will also give you the confidence to pursue goals that extend beyond your fitness. You’ll start banishing self-doubt and start believing that nothing is out of reach – and nothing is.

They Inspire Self-Confidence

Once you start believing that nothing is out of reach, your self-confidence will soar to heights you never imagined. Amid reducing your stress, anxiety, and risk for other emotional disorders, your increased mindfulness (should you decide to do yoga or implement a routine workout) will lead to a better sense of self and overall emotional health. You may feel more comfortable taking the lead on that big project at work, or making a judgement call you never thought you could. Keep practicing your camel pose, and keep your head held high!

Why is belly fat so hard to lose in adults?

Because of the terrible and outdated advice dished out. There is so much maths, calories in v calories out and super hard workouts advice that a really simple process has become saturated with unproven advice. Most of it makes no sense or in the case of calorie reduction ‘seems right’’ but it doesn’t work! So to get rid of fat; it’s all down to understanding one thing.

How the body stores or burns fat.

This process is controlled by two hormones (insulin and glucagon) that work like scales. Too much insulin and you’ll store fat, no insulin and glucagon can do it’s job and burn fat.

The proof that hormones control fat storing and burning is common knowledge in the medical world and is not controversial. Yes there are hormones that control hunger and feeling full but in the end it’s all about being a fat burner or sugar burner.

Don’t eat refined carbohydrates, sugars and fructose

Yes without a doubt that’s all you need to do. It’s the most natural way the body works. The ketogenic diet works this way. High fat, low carb works this way and fasting (eating nothing for at least 16 hours per day every week or so) all work this way. They lower insulin levels and raise glucagon levels.

Those that say it’s unhealthy to try ketogenic seem to be promoting the current western diet that gives you a 1–3 chance of either high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes. So I think we can assume that the ‘normal’ way to eat is actually not that healthy! Anyway I digress

To explain the Ketogenic diet in layman’s terms. Ketogenic comes from the word ketones, the fuel source the body uses instead of glucose.

Be a fat burner not a sugar burner

Glucose burning is predominant as we live in a world of refined carbohydrates and sugars. But that’s not the natural way the body should run. When you eat meats (or protein from vegetables) and saturated fats you’re eating what the body is designed to eat. Quite simply you reboot your body to go back to being a fat burning machine.

  • There are ZERO essential carbohydrates only essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • When you burn ‘ketones’ instead of glucose you are in ‘ketosis’ or put another way; you’re following a ketogenic lifestyle.
  • People that say ‘it’s hard to follow’ have NEVER been in ketosis as once you are in it you have no cravings for sugary or carbohydrate high food. It’s the diet where you lose the most and keep it off longer.
  • Studies that say you gain the weight back on ALWAYS state ‘when the patient returned to their normal diet’ so yes ‘you put weight back on if you go back to sugar and carbs’

It’s not the point, following a ketogenic lifestyle is for life.

Not convinced it’s natural?

New born babies only fed breast milk will be in ketosis in their first 12 hours.

Only when you start feeding a baby sugar and carbs they then become a ‘‘sugar-burner’

Red meat is fine, saturated fats are good for you. In the first 4 weeks you’ll lose around 14lbs. Make sure you drink water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to replace lost electrolytes from all the water retention being released.

You can exercise in ketosis and there are so many health benefits.

Why it works

  1. Fat storage is regulated by insulin. A hormone. Not by the amount of calories you eat.
  2. When you eat the process starts insulin secreting from the pancreas (actually just before you eat)
  3. Insulin puts energy from the eaten food into your muscles for instant energy then…
  4. …any excess goes into the liver as ‘stored energy’ and then…
  5. Further excess is put into fat cells.

Simple. This process is accelerated by sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you eat high fat low carb then this process is slowed down. There is no big spike or ‘‘sugar-high’ basically less fat gets stored and the potential for fat to be burned is heightened.

Fat does not spike insulin nor does moderate amounts of protein

Hence less fat storage

Fat burning

The process above is reversed and when the body goes into ketosis it’s much easier to burn fat as there is a key to losing weight and that key is having low insulin.

Glucagon the fat burning hormone only enters the blood stream in the absence of insulin (Guytons medical physiology textbook, edition 6)

It’s a great way to be healthy and stop fat accumulation.

Forget ‘eat less, move more’ no proven scientific merit. ‘Joslin’s medical textbook.’

‘Calories in being less than calories out’ does not work as the body simply lowers its basic metabolic rate to try to keep fat on.

Step Away From The Carbs: The science behind weight loss, the recipes to make it happen. Beautiful colour pictures with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even drinks! Step Away From The Carbs: The science behind weight loss, the recipes to make it happen. Beautiful colour pictures with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even drinks!


Stephen Thomas, Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instruction Specialist

7 Things to Do Tonight to Make Sure You Are Your Best Self Tomorrow

Something that can be easier said than done is waking up and feeling your absolute best. You might wake up feeling groggy, tired, and unmotivated to start the day. However, being just a little more proactive every night can help prep you for a successful morning ahead. Here are some easy tips and tricks to wake up feeling refreshed to make sure you’re the best you can be!

Prep and pack.

Getting together all that you need for the next day will help you to wake up feeling ready to take on the day! Try to pack your bag for work, your gym bag, get your lunch ready and in the fridge, and you’ll be good to go the next morning without having to think about any of it.

Make some time for tea.

Have a cup of chamomile tea, or any herbal tea for that matter, at bedtime. If it’s caffeine free, it won’t keep you up! In addition, you’ll feel calmer and less anxious before bed, so that you can wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

Unplug to unwind.

Although it’s easy to get in the pattern of not looking at your phone, or any screen for that matter before bed, it can be affecting your sleep patterns negatively. By not looking at those screens before bed, you could wake up feeling way more refreshed!

Try to get some exercise in.

Even if you didn’t have time to hit the gym, going for a long walk or bike ride could help you fall asleep quicker, get more restful sleep, and have you wake up feeling better! Just make sure to do it no later than two hours before bedtime, so that it doesn’t keep you awake.

Hydrate throughout the day.

You probably hear this all the time, but water is so important for your body (for real). Drinking water throughout the entire day can help your sleep by getting rid of toxins while you’re asleep and aiding in your digestion. In addition, dehydration can be disrupting your sleep, so drink up before bed, and as soon as you wake up!

Jot it all down.

Journaling at night can help you sleep better by giving you a sense of clarity. Whether it’s things on your mind that are making you anxious or stressed, stuff you want to get done tomorrow, or writing down what you’re grateful for, journaling could be a huge help to both your sleep and mental health. Journaling can help you focus on your goals, better understand your emotions, and give you a sense of calmness before bedtime. When you wake up, you may be in a much better state of mind!

Eat light.

Eating a heavy meal before bed isn’t good for your sleep and digestion, but snacking on something light and healthy like yogurt, granola, or some fruit (especially bananas) can be good for you. Try finding foods that have tryptophan, as these can promote restful, healthy sleep!