Bonefish Grill Stone Crab Season

October means stone crab season is about to begin. Did you know that the stone crab itself is relatively small and rarely eaten? During season – from October 15 to May 15 – fishermen remove only one of their claws and return the crabs to the ocean where they can re-grow their lost limb.

Sold by the pound, Bonefish Grill’s stone crab claws come fresh off the docks and are served the way they were meant to be — chilled, cracked and ready for dipping in a signature house made mustard sauce

Preparation for Stone Crab Claws

  • Keep claws well ices at all times
  • Pre-crack the shell with a cracking tool or back of a knife
  • Place the claw on a clean damp cloth to stabilize it
  • Start with the first knuckle; give it a crack on the thick part just enough to make an obvious split, but not to crush the shell
  • Repeat that with the second knuckle
  • Then crack the main claw last
  • Keep claw intact, arrange over ice
  • Serve with cocktail sauce, mustard sauce and fresh lemon

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